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When contemplating an environment that fosters well-being, my mind instinctively gravitates towards nature's embrace. True relaxation emanates from the great outdoors. Therefore, when tasked with crafting an internal sanctum intended to induce well-being, relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation, my aim is to seamlessly merge the external with the internal.

The space is composed of meticulously arranged linoleum strips, gracefully flowing over a sturdy plywood base, meticulously sculpted to mimic the gentle undulations of the Dutch dunes – my epitome of relaxation.


Drawing inspiration from the Dutch coastal landscape, the color palette consists of four subtle shades of green and yellow, evoking the tranquil dance of sand and dune grass, as well as the fleeting hues of the setting sun.

Furthermore, the design is influenced by the nostalgic charm of traditional "car rug" playmats, evoking fond childhood memories. Simple yet captivating road motifs encourage endless hours of imaginative play, infusing the space with an air of whimsy.

duinpan cam 4.jpg

Central to achieving relaxation is an infusion of playfulness. Thus, the design features uncomplicated shapes in a bold yet soft color scheme that reminiscent of the playing ambiance of home.

This sanctuary, christened "Duinpan" (dutch for dune cove), beckons to be experienced, offering a multitude of opportunities for relaxation, play, and productivity. Just as one selects the perfect spot to sit down at the dunes.

duinpan cam 2.jpg

Duinpan is designed in VR. Becouse what better other way of designing a “space within a space” then litterly designing it in space! 


Constructed from multiple CNC-machined plywood partitions, overlaid with bendable plywood, it boasts a sturdy foundation onto which linoleum is meticulously affixed using contact adhesive, before being seamlessly routed along the wood.

The hallmark of this design lies in its seamless transition of linoleum from floor to object, reminiscent of the natural flow from beach to dunes. The intention is to position this object within a space where linoleum adorns the surrounding floor, facilitating a cohesive integration between the flooring and the object harmoniously blending with the environment.

Inspired by the serene beauty of nature and driven by a passion for innovative design, Duinpan embodies a harmonious blend of tranquility, nostalgia, and playfulness.

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